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Paradise Style Entrepreneur

Garden-style entrepeneur is an entrepeneur who in business to follow the provisions laid down by Allah and His Messenger.
Entrepeneurial thingking is not only gains the world,but more than that thingking about the here after profits.
In a letter Ash Shaff Qur'an verses 10-12, Allah says : o ye who believe! do you like if I show a commerce (business) that can save you from painful punishment? (It is) believe in Allah and His Messenger,God and strive in the way of Allah with their wealth and your souls. That is better for you if you know nothing about. He will forgive your sins and admit you to Gardens beneath which flow rivers, and (insert you) to dwellings in Gardens of Eternity. That is the supreme triumph.
One entrepeneur's paradise style is Ali bin Abi Thalib. Narrated Ali bin Abi Thalib came home to meet his wife at home and then asked his wife. "O woman, if you have anything to eat your husband?" Asked Ali to his wife Fatima. "By Allah I did not have anything at all,but no money was six dirhams from my wages to spin wool. Money will I buy food for Hasan and Husain, "said Fatima. "O noble lady, give me the money six dirhams" said Ali. Fatima then give money to the six dirhams Ali bin Abi Thalib. After money is received, Ali out of the house with the intention of buying food for his two sons. Suddenly in the middle of the street he met a man who said 'who will lend Allah, the one who works and surely he will keep his promise'. Finally Ali approached people by handing over the money six dirhams had brought from home that had been due bought meals for their children. After the money is given directly back Ali when Fatimah knowing her husband's return home without bringing any food, he kept crying. saw his wife crying, Ali immediately asked : "O noble lady, what makes you weep?". "O son of the prophet's uncle, I see you brought home with no food at all" said Fatimah. "O noble lady, I was six dirhams earlier money to Allah" said Ali. "if that's what you do i agree" said Fatimah.
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Perceptions of Scarcity Strategy

One of the challenges in selling large volumes (more than 100 items) on the internet is the fact that we display a list of items that many on the internet at one time unit, or we're selling a large amount of an item. This makes the buyer has a high bargaining power and can cause prices to fall. Buyer understands intuitively the law of demand and supply. The bigger the offering we give, the more does not buy us. They will wait until prices come down, making it attractive for them to buy. The biggest mistake of the seller is supposed to show an information that is confidential information, which is bidding. To realize these sales required an ingenious strategy known as the perception of scarcity strategy or the perception of scarcity strategy.
The perception of scarcity strategy is suitable for using the concept of an auction sale on the internet. Companies that use this strategy eBay.com. More than one million people sell on eBay.com and more than 105 million to buy the product on eBay.com. This strategy consists of two types. First, take some items, such as a second item or four items put on auction items and Buy It Now (BIN) at a price of 0 to 10% above average price. Buy It Now (BIN) is a fixed price list which the buyer can stop the auction immediately without waiting for bidding or auction ends. After the item is sold, replaced the next item using Buy It Now (BIN) to 100 items that were sold all at competitive prices. Second, take a portion of inventory, for example 5% to 10% at the auction was stopped and by using a very low starting price with no reserves to spend all of the items. This will create an auction of items sold to be extraordinary. In this auction we can connect with the auction Buy It Now (BIN). Thus, buyers looking for our goods using two options, namely through the list of Buy It Now (BIN) us or participate with a very low starting price with no reserve auction.
The perception of scarcity strategy will create a response to the majority of buyers to choose the Buy It Now. Buy It Now option is also displayed if the buyer looking for items of daily needs or buyers who do not like competition. In addition, no reserve auction, the buyer who won only one, while the losing very much and have to wait for the same item, it will ultimately choose to use Buy It Now auction or direct purchase.
This clever strategy is never revealed how much inventory we have and we can use various forms of strategies to achieve the goal of maximizing the price and speed in the product.
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Eatertainment Main Business Change Review

VIVAnews - PT Eatertainment International Tbk (SMMT) will likely replace the core business (core business) in the near future after the company acquired through a subsidiary of the Rajawali Group business.

Robin Setiawan, securities analysts in Jakarta believes, since many outstanding Rajawali Group purchased the news that fast-food company will become the company changed its core business of coal mines or crude palm oil (CPO).

"Even last, reportedly will become the holding company," said the VIVAnews in Jakarta, Tuesday, June 29, 2010.

As of May 31, 2010, PT Eagle Capital has a 14.74 percent stake Eatertainment International, while PT Pratama East Pearl and Green Palm Resources Pte. Ltd. (both of the Rajawali Group of affiliated companies) each had 23.43 percent and 47.46 percent.

However, Eagle Capital as of June 15, 2010 increased its ownership in Eatertainment International to 15.63 percent.

President Director of PT Eagle Capital Wiguna when asked for confirmation Harry explained that until now the main business the company has not changed.

About whether there are plans major business turnover, he handed the matter to the majority party. "We're just a minority, so he asked for a more controlled," he said.

Managing Director of Corporate Relations Mining & Resources Corp. Rajawali Group, Darjoto Setyawan to this story down can not be contacted.

As is known, the shares Eatertainment International sanctions suspension (suspension) by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) in trading today, Tuesday, June 29, 2010.

According to the Head of Stock Exchange Trading PJ Andre Toelle, it was enacted because the share price soared Rp1.280 SMMT (272.34 percent), from Rp470 closing price on June 18, 2010 to Rp1.750 as of June 28, 2010.

"IDX need to do a temporary suspension of stock trading in order SMMT cooling down," he said in the disclosure of information on the Jakarta Stock Exchange, today.

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VIRUS Entrepreneur

When this new excited discuss virus that causes bird flu and as a result of caused its, but we rarely discuss the virus to the virus entrepreneur. Virus must be injected since entrepreneur small to make the State of Indonesia winning.
If the virus is injected only 5% of the entire population of Indonesia and the virus can be a 5% entrepreneur, then Indonesia is beyond Taiwan and Japan. Entrepreneur of the Taiwan only 4.8% of the population, while those in Japan to reach 4% of the population. Indonesia, at this time reached a new 1.2%, still less with the Philippines, which entrepreneurnya already reached 1.5% of the population. It seems that the education budget in 2006, has reached 20%, how the beautiful part is used to inject this virus entrepreneur.

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Becoming Entrepreneur in the Internet Media

Internet is a network computer that is connected globally, enables users exchange information through various channels. Thus enables users have each other. Richest entrepreneur throughout the world utilizing the market called the Internet. There are several reasons why their companies zero in the Internet market. First, the audience began to move television to the Internet. Because they move the media ads must be followed, with the assumption that the goal of marketers everywhere is to reach its target audience effectively and efficiently. The marketers that they should make adjustments to marketing planning continue to pursue increasing the number of people who spend time in front of the media online, often with the media to leave the other.
Second, the zero in the market for internet advertising that can be updated at any time with minimal cost: because the ads on the internet can always appear new. Third, the Internet market can reach potential buyers in a very large amount in a matter of global. Fourth, the costs for online advertising is sometimes cheaper than television ads, newspaper, or radio. Media advertising of the latter becomes more expensive because it is determined by the space that will be used, how many days (the time) akan ad is loaded, and on how many television stations and local newspapers or national ad will be installed. Fifth, the ad on the internet can efficiently use the convergence of text, audio, graphics, and animation. Sixth, the Internet itself is growing rapidly with. Seventh, you can create an interactive ad and dibidikkan to certain groups and / or individuals.

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